Monday, April 11, 2011

Big Beautiful Bombshells.

After this weekends trip into the muumuu and elastic store - I've been feeling more determined to prove that you can be Plus Size and fashionable. I try to avoid frumpy/shapeless clothes, I try to find pieces that accentuate or flatter and mostly I try to have my personality shine through. 

On my lunch break, and browsing various plus-size clothing websites, I came across this page called "Hottest Women in the World: Plus-Sized Edition". 

I couldn't agree more that these women show you can be a big beautiful bombshell (even if some, in my opinion, aren't necessarily "plus-size" or have conformed to the pressure of hollywood and shrunk their size). 

1. Christina Hendricks

2. Mia Tyler

3. Kate Dillon
4. Toccara Jones

5. Charlotte Coyle

6. Maggie Brown

7. Whitney Thompson

8. Barbara Brickner

9. Fluvia Lacerda

10. Justine Legault

11. Crystal Renn

12. America Ferrera

13. Jennifer Coolidge

14. Sarah Ramirez

15. Lizzie Miller

Women who are fashionable (you'll notice not a single muumuu in the batch), who embrace their curves, who don't mind showing you their thighs, stomachs and love handles. My favorite of these 15 is either Mia Tyler or Charlotte Coyle. They just radiate sex appeal and are in no hurry to change their dress size just to please (or appease) the media.

Who are your favorites? (They don't have to be listed above)


  1. I think my two favorites are Mia Tyler and America Ferrera. Not only are they freaking gorgeous, they don't try to hide their size for any reason. Big doesn't have to be frumpy, you're right..I don't wear trash bags and I don't think that any other woman should have to just because they are big. Great entry Morgan, I love your openness.

  2. Awesome post Morgan! I have to say that I am a big fan of jennifer coolidge!

  3. Absolutely!! Few, if any can deny the beauty there :)

  4. I have to say that two of my favorites are Marilyn Monroe and Queen Latifa! Neither of these women was ever afraid to hide their curves/bosom, and neither am I.

  5. like the lady who plays Callie from Grey's Anatomy. She is so sexy & voluptuous it's ridiculous!

  6. Thanks for this post. I think we all need to remember that we can be beautiful no matter what size we are. We need to be comfortable with our selves.
    I have always thought that when you are twenty you are just given this beautiful 20 something body and every girl has it. But I don't have that 'type' I have what was given and I need to love it and be loved in it.
    Thank you so much for this post.