Wednesday, June 13, 2012


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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Goodbye 20s

The more I go through life and blog about it the more I realize I'm not trying to "survive" being a 20-something...I'm just living life.

Blogging about my relationship (that has been around longer than my blog) with Mr. No-longer-in-HK, friendships that go south because I believe in faithfulness, white hairs, struggling with the plummet from middle management to entry level, dressing (and being comfortable) in this body of mine... these aren't solely "20-something" dilemmas.

This is just life.

So as I quickly enter the last year of my 20s (I turn 29 in 25 days) I am saying goodbye to "Surviving 20-Something" and starting a new blog.

A New Year.
A (soon-to-be) New Decade.
A New Blog.
A New Beginning.

So thank you to those who have followed me on my 20-something journey. I hope you'll continue to follow me at "Caution! Reality Check"

Monday, January 2, 2012

Beyond Platonic

So here's a question for the class. Can two people be platonic friends even if one is attracted to the other?

Or 2nd hypothetical can two people (successfully) be platonic friends even if they were/are both attracted to one another?

The reason I ask is I always thought yes... Grown, mature adults can look past physical desire and focus in what they have in common. What makes them friends in the first place.

I certainly have been attracted (both physically and mentally) to friends but never let it get in the way of our friendship. I'd rather have them as friends than not at all.

Today though I started questioning this ideal. Am I just naive to think its possible? Does it just need time? Or am I fighting an impossible fight?

I posed the question to friends on FB and do far most don't think it's possible or a good idea.

I've had a variety of brief "romances". Some have ended with heartbreak and not being able to look at one another in a hall let alone be friends. Some took a few years, some maturing and growing up but in the end we'd consider each other friends. Even one FWB situation that couldn't have ended better if I scripted it - FWB one day, just friends (and still are) the next.

Today though. Today I experienced something on the spectrum I haven't had happen before nor was I expecting. Someone who I, at one time, was attracted to and he I...was so upset that I wouldn't indulge him in the fantasies of a future between us that he practically threw a tantrum!!

Despite knowing the BF and I are together again (he's known since day 1) and I've said all along that I'm a one man woman. I don't know if he's been living in some disillusioned state thinking I'd come running to his arms any day now or what.

Today I had to deal with lines being crossed. Choices not being respected. And finding out "just friends" meant "maybe I can change your mind".

Today I was told to not only stay away but ignore any greetings or extended hands he might offer in the future...until I'm at least "no longer entertaining the thought" that we can be friends.

White Hair

I ushered in 2012 by spending the long holiday weekend in Seattle with friends. At one point in the weekend we're just hanging out in the house when my BFF starts (jokingly) berating me for the lousy job I've been doing updating this blog.

I know. I know. So here i am riding the train from Seattle to Portland with plenty of time (and a few ideas) to blog.

Today is exactly one month until my 29th birthday. So of course what do I find on new years eve as I'm doing my hair while getting ready to go out? Three white hairs. These are unmistakingly white. Not blonde like the others that naturally highlight my hair. And not grey either. We're jumping straight to WHITE.

Now I'm not saying there's anything wrong with having white hair or getting them at an earlier age. One friend (my age) has had them for over ten years. I remember her having a few while we were in college.

I love grey hair on men...even salt and pepper. Mark Harmon is definitely my favorite Silver Fox.

Not saying I don't think women can't look good with it too. I love women who not only have let their hair go white but keep it long too. The perfect crone.

I just wasn't prepared to find one...let alone three...a month before my 29th birthday. I don't remember my mom having grey or white hair this young?

So what am I going to do?

One friend suggested plucking. Now while I don't believe the Old Wives Tale of plucking one and ten more grow in its place. But I (at least for the moment) have no intention of pulling them out. Now the single white eyebrow hair I have (and have had for years) THAT I pluck.

My aunt reminded me that white hairs are why there are home dye kits. Haha. Only I haven't dyed my hair in...oh?...three or four years. I'm trying to grow out the black damaged hair and let my natural brown be healthy. So, no dyeing either. Besides if hair is hereditary than dye won't help. My mother stopped coloring her hair when the dye washed out of the grey after a week.

How about any of you out there?

Have you found your first white/grey hair? How old were you?

Did you pluck it? Dye it?

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Road Block

Waiting for my next rib tickler and/or inspirational blog (*winkwink*) check out my other blog (all food. all the time) at