Monday, March 21, 2011

The Internet is the real world

"I was blinded by the common belief that somehow a relationship forged on the Internet isn’t real. When I saw that fated text message — “I love you” — I realized the truth. The Internet is not a separate place a person can go to from the real world. The Internet is the real world. Only faster." -excerpt from Modern Love - Instant Message, Instant Girlfriend. New York Times

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  1. i think in many ways, people are more "who they are" online because there's less inhibition, more reactivity, less social awkwardness, etc. I have definitely "judged" others (not value judgements good/bad people, but personalities, that kinda thing) by their online presence and would expect others to do so for me (but thats also how I use the internet- as an extension of myself). the internet/technological reality doesnt satisfy everyone all the time, and thats ok too. but i do think depending on the person it is very very real.