Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hope in Life

Characteristics of quarter-life crisis may include:

* insecurity concerning ability to love oneself, let alone another person
* insecurity regarding present accomplishments
* re-evaluation of close interpersonal relationships
* lack of friendships or romantic relationships, sexual frustration, and involuntary celibacy
* disappointment with one's job
* nostalgia for university, college, high school, middle school or elementary school life
* tendency to hold stronger opinions
* boredom with social interactions
* loss of closeness to high school and college friends
* financially-rooted stress (overwhelming college loans, unexpectedly high cost of living)
* loneliness, depression and suicidal tendencies
* desire to have children
* a sense that others are doing better than oneself
* frustration with social skills

Oh Wikipedia how I love and despise you all at the same time.

Your tendency to appear as the first website Google brings up, your oh-too-often appearance in term papers, and your uncanny knack for (occasionally) being right. In all honesty I found this list on someone else's blog (haha) but I thought it was a humours and (somewhat) appropriate way to start this blog entry.

I wouldn't say I feel like I'm going through a "crisis" ...that's such a powerful and emotionally evoking word. I do think I'm at a point in my life of change and development and growth.

Figuring out who I am.
Who I want to be and who I want to go through it with.
People are entering my life both new and long lost.
Others are slowly taking their leave.
I'm questioning my education and career path.
I'm discovering there are things in my life I wish I had and (hopefully) am working towards getting them.

"Crisis" is just so loaded a term...and over used if you ask me.

I spent over two hours online last night talking to one of my best friends about the drama currently unfolding in my life. I'm lucky to have people in my sphere of existence who I can turn to and cry on their (virtual and physical) shoulder. She helped reinforce a few things I already knew, gave me another person's perspective but in the end mostly made me feel like I wasn't alone.

Which was fantastic because of all the "Quarter-life crisis" characteristics "loneliness" has been on the top of my list lately.

The feeling like I can't really talk to anyone about what's happening.

I know people mean well but lately I need someone who will listen...not judge, not try and make me feel better by telling me "You're right. He's wrong" or the ever so annoying "Things will get better". I don't need rolling eyes, sighs of disgust, or phrases like "what an ass" or "dump him" being flung at me like rotten vegetables at a comic.

I need faith.
I need faith in love.
I need faith in myself.

I need hope.
I need hope in life.
I need hope in something greater than myself.

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  1. I feel like I can relate to this so well right now... sometimes it feels like the world is caving in. Praying that you find encouragement and direction. :)