Thursday, August 25, 2011

Size 2 = Curvy?

I was logging onto Yahoo Messenger this afternoon and saw this headline:

Now I have no issues with Jennifer Love Hewitt as a person (although I don't  follow Celebrity News so really she could be an awful human being and I'd have no idea). What I do have is an issue with media saying that, "Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt proved that real women do have curves upon arriving at the premiere of her latest movie..."

SHE IS A SIZE 2!!!!!

So what I want to know is since when does a size 2 equal "curvy"? I'm not saying her breasts and hips aren't "curvy" but only because the rest of her is so tiny!And what kind of message is that sending to women (and girls) who are sizes 12 or 22?


  1. I find that more and more the shapes of peoples' bodies are referred to as just that-shapes. Though she is quite thin, she's not flat or squared or athletic or lithe like a dancer. I kind of like this trend- the more these words become distorted and applied differently, the less power they have to define us. A size 18 rugby player can describe her build as muscular and athletic, but leave behind the expectation that her size dictates her shape. As an oddly-shaped fat person, I see this as a good thing. :)

  2. I'm not saying I don't agree with you....somewhat. I agree that no matter what number is on your dress label you can be of various "builds" (athletic, curvy, etc).

    Media and "social beliefs" are so focused on how skinny you are, what diet you are on, and for so long the term that has often been synonymous with "heavier". Now more and more it's being used to describe Hollywood starlets who are incredibly skinny with larger breasts.

    I'm just afraid messages are going to start getting blended and hazy between the two.

  3. well see, a size 0 is round but since we don't want the 2 to feel left out, we call it curvy.

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  5. size 2 is curvey if you are the age of 1!