Saturday, February 19, 2011

Our Love Story

A friend suggested I write a "How We Met" for a special Valentine's Day blog. However, two years ago we weren't together on Valentine's Day. In fact I didn't even know that my sweetie existed two years ago. For me our special day is the day we "met" online - February 23rd.

It had been a long time since I had opened my heart up to someone. I had been hurt one too many times and had started to think that love just wasn't in the cards for me this lifetime. But with some time, healing and a wonderful best friend to keep pushing and pushing me to try online dating I finally gave in.

At first I tried eHarmony (the website where my bff had found her husband). The yahoos I found there just made me laugh. Men who were more interested in growing their own "herbs" than they were growing a friendship. Men who were living in their mother's basements and only interested in "hooking up" if I could host. Really folks? Aren't they paying money for this site? Remind me again what the hoop-la with this site is?

So I gave up on them and thought I'd see if I could find something better.

I did a websearch for a Plus-Size friendly dating site and pleasantly surprised with the one I found. BBWFriendlyDating (or something like that) dot com. I browsed through profiles (men and women's) before signing up for an account myself. I wanted a place that was friendly not fetish driven. I was looking for someone to go to dinner with not use dinner as foreplay. The people I found were various sizes and shapes but one thing was in common - accepting of their size and preferred a more curvaceous build of others.

So I signed up.

For a few weeks I talked with various men. Some who were looking for nothing more than someone to fulfill their guy who emailed me wanted to know if I'd send him pictures of me in stockings and heels. Lol. Not everyone I emailed with were on the looser side of the scale. Some I just didn't have chemistry with or connected more with someone else.

Then the morning of February 23rd (coincidentally enough the bday of my "pushy" bff) I was browsing profiles when I came across one I had went back to a few times. There wasn't too much written. Just a few likes and hobbies. His pictures didn't match his self-description in the profile. There wasn't too much to it. Normally I'd just pass it over. No information. No chance.

But something stopped me.
I went back to it.
There was something in his eyes that made me melt.
Something in my gut said "Make the connection"

So I sent a "wink" his way.
Later that evening I got a "wink" back.
I sent an email.
I got an email back.

From there we started emailing and instant messaging all day everyday. Childhood best friends, favorite colors, politics, religion, travel, food....we talked about it all.

A week later I went back to his profile (for something...I really don't remember what) only to find it gone.
I IMed him later asking where it had gone? Why had he taken it down?

His response I'll never forget "Because I met this amazing girl named Morgan and I didn't need it anymore"

I melted and the rest is, as they say, history. We've been together two years this Wednesday.

And though there have been some rocky times and the physical distance between us just seems to increase it doesn't matter.

Because I found the love of my life (online).


  1. What a great story, Morgan. I absolutely believe in on line love, where you learn to really listen, not just look.

  2. This is the cutest story ever!