Thursday, October 28, 2010

Something that Sparkles (for him).

I thought we'd continue the "Sparkle" theme from my last blog and discuss mangagement rings. 

Not "management" but "man-gagement".

(And no, I'm not writing or reading or discussing this because I'm in the market. I stumbled across an article about this a few weeks back and just found it intriguing).

So now, with that out of the way, I think the name is corny as all get out! 

The term "engagement" is not gender specific so why the marketers of this movement felt it necessary to gender-ize it I won't ever know. 

I must be honest though. I am torn in my thoughts of this concept. The anti-consumerist in me believes it's just another marketing ploy by the jewelry companies trying to entice us into putting  more money into the economy by giving "mangagement" rings. 

Then there is the hopeless romantic in me that believes everyone should have the right to wear a visual (and sparkly) symbol of their love...and the hopeless romantic is arm-in-arm with my feminist side that believes it's equal for both partners to wear a ring (even if the tradition is a tad archaic in its origins). And I don't care if the couple is girl-boy, girl-girl, boy-boy...the proposer and the proposed should both get the chance to wear something shiny.

Being torn between the idea (despite the name) being a marketing gimmick and a romantic idea I thought I'd ask my (married/partnered) friends what they thought. I posted a note on FB called "To Bling or Not to Bling?" 

I wanted to know if they had heard of "mangagement" rings? 

After the proposal did one or both of them wear an engagement ring? 

Was the engagement ring it a simple band or did it have bling? 

Did either of their wedding bands have diamonds (or other stones) in it
or were they just simple bands? 

I wanted to know what they thought of the idea of a "mangagement" ring and if it was a symbol of equality between a couple or simply a money making promotion?

I was overwhelmed by the responses (not only from people I had tagged in the note but also from others who were curious and decided to read). 

A large number of them had not heard of this (supposed) new phenomenon (Google "mangagement" and you'll be given over 300,000 websites...there's even a blog here on blogspot that is strictly about the "mangagement" ring) but some had. 

One friend used the same ring she was given as an engagement ring as her wedding ring. Another female friend proposed to her husband, complete with ring. There were some who thought it was a wonderful idea, or that it only made sense because after all both people are engaged and after all both people wear a wedding ring. Then there were some who said that of course it was a marketing ploy, that they (or one of them) doesn't have a wedding band even, and then some who feel the blurring of gender lines is being taken too far.

In the end though most people can agree that it's up to the couple to decide; much like what the wedding bands will look like or to have a promise ring first. I don't think I'll be visiting my local Tiffany & Co anytime soon but if my sweetie wants one I'll be more than happy to bring home a little blue box. As one friend said "Vive la honesty and self-expression!" 



  1. Yes I have heard of mangagement rings. Only I wore an engagement ring although if james had his way he probably would have worn one too.My engagement ring is very bling, my wedding ring although all I wanted was a simple band my husband wanted me to have diamonds again and we found one that I do love that was not gaudy. His ring although he wanted gaudy we could not afford he did find a ring that has bling but is tasteful and we could afford. My husband had to have diamonds that is who he is and I love him anyway. I think it could be equality reasons for some but truthfully I feel it is just another vise for jewelery companies to make money off the wedding business. I mean if a man wants a diamond ring does he have to be engaged to get it??? So why market it that way?

  2. I manage the "Women of All Shapes and Sizes" fan page and followed the link you posted to your blog. :)

    I proposed to my husband and presented him a ring that a friend of his carved from his favorite type of wood. I had his friend make a matching one for me, too. My husband loved having an engagement ring!

    Love your blog!