Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Surviving Plus Size Shops

I started my new job this week and the dress code is “Business Casual”. Nothing new though, most of my closet has “Business Casual” clothes – slacks, blouses, a blazer – but with a new job I thought I’d go shopping for a few new pieces this morning. 

However, the shopping trip just reminded me that even clothing stores dedicated to dressing the Plus Sized Woman don’t have any clue on how to dress their customers.

Floor length dresses and skirts don’t make me look taller.

Large geometric shapes don’t make me look thinner. 

And fish prints on pants just don't really do much for anyone!

I just want to know who in their right mind thought that turquoise and blue fish print capris would look good on any woman let alone a curvaceous one?

Luckily more and more designers today are realizing that plus size women don't want to wear our grandmother's muumuus and have the finances to fill our closets with style. 

The next task is to undo the brainwash fashion tips that have been drilled into our is slimming, vertical stripes are a good thing, don't wear prints, that larger woman should hide behind their hair and clothes, etc. In the online article "How to Dress Fabulously for Plus Sized Women" by Kiki LaMer some of these myths/misconceptions are addressed and suggestions are made:

However, despite the signs that progress is being made there are still clothing lines trying to sell me items such as:



What are they thinking?



  1. I've complained for years that just because I'm big that doesn't mean I don't want to wear CUTE clothes. Basically, I want the clothes smaller people wear -- only big enough to fit me!

    And I still want POCKETS, please. And no LACE or BUTTONS around the neckline (???) to distract the eyes from my huge body.

    And, yeah, I don't want the clothes my grandmother wore. (Or even my mother, thanks.) Because I'm young in my head and want to look it on the outside, too!

    Nice post, Morgan!!!

  2. Testing, Testing... Is this thing on?

  3. YEAH! IT'S ON!! :D

    I totally agree with you, my mom is a healthy girl and her biggest problem was that the arm holes were HUGE and you could ALWAYS see her bra from the sides if she lifted her arm or pointed at something, it was embarassing for her.

    There are actually a LOT of really nice healthy girl clothes, I used to style my mom and some other friends who couldn't find anything but what you have posted above, when we got together we made out great but when it was just them not so much lol I dunno what it was maybe I just knew the places in town to look?

    You definitely have very valid points above, with the misconseptions and whatnot, and I like the comment above how Charlie said that she wanted normal clothes just in bigger sizes, this is something that I've thought about for years, I wanted to have a store where you walked in and all you saw were manicans that were dressed, no racks to go thru no shelves or bins to dig in, just manicans displaying clothes, and then you pick the outfit you like and want and we measure you and make it custom for your body type. I'm not sure how well this would work because people like to try stuff on before they buy it, but that's probably why it was more of just a thought lol

    Come back to SD we'll shop together :D